Welcome to Cetera Services LLC

Cetera is Latin for “what follows” and “the rest,” and you may recognize it from the common phrase et cetera.

Our company name is a promise to our clients. Vital nonprofit organizations, established companies and growing businesses have invited Cetera Services into their organizations, allowing us to help smart and motivated people create successful strategies, improve efficiencies and engage in meaningful and productive planning. The commonality in our work is that we help people define, clarify and execute on organizations’ missions. That is Cetera: the what’s next, the after, the accomplishment of planning.

Cetera Services LLC, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was founded by Angela Lammers in 2015. Browse the latest posts from The Accomplishment Blog below, and please reach out and let us know that you visited. We’d love to work with you and help you create your “next.”

Screen shot of bus photo

Catching the bus with perfect timing

I was working in the Sioux Falls bureau of Associated Press on May 24, 2006, when I took an early-afternoon call from an editor in our Washington, D.C. bureau. “We’re running a national story about school bus pollution,” the editor said, “and we need a … [read more]

Patent for hot comb

Caution key to organizational styling

Recently, I was gifted with the presence of one of my nieces and my nephew for an overnight visit to my home in Sioux Falls. It was a last-minute request from my brother on a night when the children had no school and I had no shortage of project work. … [read more]

Crisis management

Get ahead of crisis management

The term “crisis management” carries a reactive aura, but companies and organizations that best respond to unexpected emergencies are ones that anticipate some form of the unexpected. … [read more]

Plant City shines in strawberry parade clip

Decline in number of journalists adds responsibility to PR industry

The other day, as I was researching some 1920s Newspapers.com clippings for an upcoming book I’m writing, I decided to take a break and dig up some of the first stories I penned for daily newspapers in the early 1990s. … [read more]

Crafting stories

Stop creating content; start crafting stories

I’m not a fan of the term “content.” It’s cold and sterile and seemingly sucks the life out of any collection of words and sentences. Let’s drop the phrase “creating content” and replace it with “crafting stories.” … [read more]