Serving vital organizations and innovative businesses

Cetera (pronounced SET’-er-uh) is Latin for “what follows” and “the rest,” and you may recognize it from the common phrase et cetera.

Cetera is a Latin expression that means "more," "other things," "so forth" or "the rest."

Our company name is a promise to our clients. Vital professional membership associations, established companies and growing businesses have invited Cetera Services to help improve efficiencies and engage in meaningful and productive planning.

The commonality in our work is that we help people define, clarify and execute on organizations’ missions. That is “Cetera”: the what’s next, the accomplishment that comes from planning and action.

Whether your organization is a fresh-faced startup, an experienced and mature difference-maker or a firm set on establishing a new direction, Cetera Services offers a wide variety of professional services designed to help you succeed.

Angela Lammers founded Cetera Services LLC in 2015 to help established and growing businesses and vital associations accomplish their management, communication and performance goals.